Trailkat Features

WB01539_1.gif (682 bytes) Trailkat is easy to ride.

Trailkat was designed so that almost anyone can ride one. If you can ride a bicycle you can ride a Trailkat. Because there is no shifting, Trailkat has two controls, go and stop, so riders can concentrate on where they're going.

WB01539_1.gif (682 bytes) Trailkat will go where other ATV's cannot go.

With a Trailkat, you can take paths too small, too steep, too wild for 4-wheel ATVs, and you can reach those secret out-of-the-way places that could never be reached by standard ATVs.

WB01539_1.gif (682 bytes)  Trailkat is easy to transport.

Weighing 1/3 the weight of a standard 4-wheel ATV, Trailkat can be transported in a small pickup, sport utility vehicle or RV, without the need for expensive trailers and ramps.

WB01539_1.gif (682 bytes) Trailkat is designed to be a real off-road 2-wheeled ATV.

From travel clearance, transmission and steering, Trailkat was designed to be one of the highest performance ATVs. Trailkat combines high strength aluminum material with stainless steel fasteners that are bolted together, not welded, to ensure a stable and safe ride.